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Eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow transplant procedure is intended to restore growing hairs to brows that are very thin, covered with scars or entirely absent. Eyebrows are a very significant feature of the face that largely determines the look of a person. They are even more important than the hair on the head, since they are in the central place of the face and enframe the eyes. Loosing eyebrows isn’t a natural condition unlike hair loss with age.

Indications for eyebrow transplantation

There are several main reasons that lead to a lack of hair in the brow area:

  • different conditions such as thyroid & other hormonal abnormalities and some other factors (psychological stress, malnutrition), leading to the so-called diffuse hair loss (a significant loss of hair throughout the head);
  • physical traumas;
  • chemotherapy and other medical procedures that adversely affect the hairline;
  • improperly performed eyebrow correction, as a result of which hair follicles suffer;
  • using poor-quality paint for brows.

Eyebrow transplant is also possible for aesthetic indications: to form thicker eyebrows or to give them the desired shape.

Eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow transplant technique

During the procedure, a doctor usually implants 50 to 350 hairs into each eyebrow. Before the procedure, a patient takes oral sedatives. Transplantation takes about 2 hours and is almost painless. The essence of eyebrow transplant technique consists in taking hair follicles from the donor area and implanting them in the eyebrows area. Since the eyebrow hair is much thinner than the hair on the head, classic follicle transplantation from the occiput isn’t applied in this case. Follicles are taken from either the neck area or from behind the ears.

The use of microscopic transplants allows you to make very small incisions, which minimizes the formation of scars and allows a doctor not to touch the hair growing near the area in focus. The most important moment when conducting eyebrow transplant is closely following brow hair direction. The procedure requires high qualification of a doctor. For example, if a patient has curly hair, a doctor should direct them so that they repeat the natural curve of the brows.

Eyebrow transplant

Results of the procedure

Recovery after eyebrow transplantation takes from 3 to 5 days. It is a safe cosmetic procedure that provides a long-lasting effect. However, you need to consider the following point: hair transplanted from the head will slowly grow. As a result, you need to cut them regularly. This causes little trouble. In addition, trimming of new hair leaves cut hair ends that are not as delicate as your own brow hair.

During the healing of mini-wounds caused by eyebrow transplant procedure, the points of hair implantation begin to contact each other. Therefore, hairs can slightly change their direction. Sometimes the eyebrows become more elevated than a patient had immediately after the procedure.

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