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Eyebrow waxing

These days facial attractiveness is of paramount importance for many women whose favorite topics are beauty techniques such as eyebrow waxing, eyebrow extensions and others. Beauty experts are doing their best to devise new effective methods for enhancing the beauty of women’s faces. They apply a special approach to each part of the face pursuing the aim of creating a well-proportioned and harmonious image. Eyebrows are a constant focus of beauticians’ attention as this part of the face determines its overall expressiveness. Eyebrow shapes can be formed or modified with the help of different techniques among which the oldest one – plucking – is typically chosen by women. However, beauty professionals argue that this method is unhygienic and hurting.

Due to scientific progress, salon workers have managed to invent a brand new and highly efficient way of eyebrow shaping called “Eyebrow Waxing”. This technique implies applying specially produced wax on eyebrow growth area. This cheap procedure lasting for about quarter of an hour is aimed at giving an improved look to woman’s eyebrows and making the face more expressive.

Eyebrow Waxing Procedure

For the method to be applied a woman needs the following things:

  • some powdereyebrow waxing
  • a pair of scissors
  • a thick brush
  • a wad of cotton
  • a pair of pincers
  • some baby oil or petrolatum (Vaseline) for removing wax
  • some plant oil
  • strips

Tips on how to prepare wax

The best kind of wax, which is required for this method is cream one which, due to its soft consistence, can be harmless even for delicate and sensitive skin. Give preference to heated wax over cold one. The former has better adhesive properties allowing it to leave the skin smooth. Don’t forget about using a towel & gloves when heating the wax. To eliminate the possibility of removing all your eyebrow hairs, check your eyebrow length, which should be no shorter than one fourth of an inch.

Stages of the procedure

  1. First and foremost you should tie the hair so that molten wax couldn’t stick to it bringing a lot of inconvenience. In addition, you should have your eyebrows in sight.
  2. Brush your eyebrows using a special comb/mini toothbrush. If your eyebrows have long hairs stretching beyond the boundaries of the brow area, trim them with scissors.
  3. Clean and prepare your skin (more precisely eyebrows themselves and surrounding skin) for the procedure by applying pre-wax cleaner, which will remove any traces of oil, makeup & perspiration.
  4. Apply heated substance in the direction in which hair grows to form the outline of your new brows. This is done by using a special applicator. It is important to choose the optimal amount of wax: the substance should cover the hair completely, but do not use too much of the organic substance.eyebrow waxing eyebrow
  5. Evenly apply the product and gently flatten it following the eyebrow growth direction, allowing the wax to get evenly soaked and glued to the hair.
  6. Remove the wax from the skin by using strips (fabric or paper). Do it with a sharp movement against the hair growth. In no case pull the strip in the opposite direction. The strip may be used a few more times to remove remaining brow hair. Then gently press your hand on the damaged skin to reduce pain.
  7. Make the same actions on the second eyebrow & mid brow hair (if it exists). If there are still some hairs on the skin of eyebrow area, remove them with tweezers.
  8. Clean the skin from the remaining wax with the help of the wax remover, such as baby oil (perfumed mineral oil) or Vaseline.
  9. After finishing this procedure, you may feel a burning sensation, so you should use antibacterial cosmetic cream with a cooling effect to reduce inflammation of the skin.


Some stores sell special at-home kits (mini eyebrow strips + cream wax etc.) allowing all comers to easily make the procedure at home. With a little practice, you may easily perform this procedure and achieve ideal eyebrow shapes. Cosmetologists say that the technique is an extremely efficient method of forming eyebrows.

The advantages of the procedure

  1. It’s very affordable, especially if you do it at home;
  2. It takes a little time – only about fifteen minutes;
  3. It’s very comfortable – The main feature of the wax procedure as compared to other similar techniques (e.g., shaving or use of special creams for removing hair of the brow), is that after its completion, the skin remains smooth and soft to the touch.

Another method to eyebrow waxing is eyebrow threading. Here you have an opportunity to read about how to get your eyebrows threaded.

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